Meet Rexi

StatsNotebook is a full featured open source statistical package. Its design focuses on Simplicity, Functionality and Reproducibility.

Simple StatsNotebook

StatsNotebook provides simple interface for a large range of analyses and data visualisation. Most of analyses can be completed with just a few clicks.

The following analyses are currently supported in StatsNotebook, and Rexi will ensure that the list will keep growing…

  • Independent/ Dependent-sample T-test
  • Linear regression
  • General/ Generalised linear model
    • Logistic regression
    • Poisson regression
    • Negative binomial regression
    • Multinomial logistic regression
  • Generalized linear mixed model/ Multilevel model
    • Mixed-effect regression (multilevel regression)
    • Mixed-effect logistic regression (multilevel logistic regression)
    • Mixed-effect Poisson regression (multilevel Poisson regression)
  • Robust regression/ Mixed-effect robust regression
  • Causal mediation analysis
  • Meta-analysis/ Meta-regression/ Network Meta-analysis
  • Multiple imputation

DataViz StatsNotebook

The following plots can be easily made in StatsNotebook with ggplot2.

  • Density plot
  • Histogram
  • Boxplot/ Violin plot
  • Bar graph
  • Scatterplot with line of best fit
  • Correlogram
  • Line graph

Powerful StatsNotebook StatsNotebook is fully integrated with R, the most powerful statistical language with a vibrant community of statistics gurus. The Notebook interface is a R console in disguise! You can interact directly with R and run any R codes in the Notebook interface.

Reproducible StatsNotebook StatsNotebook is designed for reproducible research. R codes are arranged in blocks in the notebook interface. Analyses can be re-run and results regenerated any time.

Dr. Gary Chan, Co-founder
Dr. Janni Leung, Co-founder
–UNIDENTIFIED–, Co-founder
Ms. Carmen Lim
Ms. Tianze Sun
Dr. Daniel Stjepanović