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StatsNotebook is an open source statistical package built on R. It is designed for reproducible analysis and interactive computing.

StatsNotebook provides intuitive interfaces for most common analyses and data visualisation. Most analyses can be done with just a few clicks.

StatsNotebook is fully integrated with R. You can directly interact with R through the notebook interface.

StatsNotebook arranges all codes in blocks in its notebook interface. You can always reproduce your analysis in a few seconds.


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6 Apr, 2021


Follow our Facebook page or our developer’s Twitter for more tutorials and future updates All analyses in StatsNotebook are conducted in R. Descriptive statistics Linear regression (with missing data) Moderation/ Interaction Analysis Causal mediation analysis Multiple imputation for missing data Robust regression Residual plots and assumption checking for linear regression Linear mixed model (Multilevel model) Inverse probability treatment weight for longitudinal study (with missing data) Age-Period-Cohort analysis Propensity score matching For more R related content, see R Bloggers. Read more


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